Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

2013 Symposium Workshop Descriptions

Friday January 25 Workshops

2:15 Session #1

3:00 Runa Break

3:30 Session #2

Please select one workshop per session.

All four workshops will be offered during both sessions:

Measuring Social Impact is Critical for Being Able to Scale Social Impact

Compelling anecdotes are no longer good enough. Social impact investors and funders are making data-driven decisions and are seeking measurable social return on their investments. Join Lisa Nitze, Managing Director of Mission Measurement LLC for a session covering the latest trends in social impact measurement and evaluation by corporations, international aid organizations, foundations and nonprofits. Lisa will use case studies from current Mission Measurement clients, from her experience as former CEO of the U.S. Social Enterprise Association and from her 4 years as Vice President at Ashoka, Innovators for the Public.

Sisters, Classrooms, and How They Got There

Katie and Carrie Sparkes are sisters who love to learn and love to teach.  Katie (Middlebury 2009) teaches 5th grade writing at KIPP Academy, a charter middle school  in the South Bronx.  Carrie (Middlebury 2010) teaches 5th grade reading at Roxbury Prep, a charter middle school in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  They arrived in similar positions for similar reasons but on different paths.  Come hear about where they are, why they’re there, and how Middlebury played a role along the way.


Business Model Generation

The Business Model Generation Canvas is an invaluable tool that helps you map out nine essential components of any project, organization, or venture. In this session, you will use this canvas to define your own personal project or social venture. Anke Wessels is the Executive Director of the Center for Transformative Action (CTA), an independent, education-based non-profit organization affiliated with Cornell University.


Asset Based Community Development Mapping

Have you ever considered:

How to achieve long-term community development? How to make sure that the people largely affected by your project also serve as key decision makers? Which skills and gifts do you, community members and other participants possess that will benefit the community improvement efforts? Which partnerships are vital in achieving your goals?

This workshop will guide you towards answering these questions in pursuing a community development project that pertains to your interests.

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