Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

Notes at the Start

Guest Post by Kathryn DeSutter

Jan. 24 — As a student in MCSE Faculty Director Jon Isham’s winter term course, Social Entrepreneurship in the Liberal Arts, I’ve spent the past three weeks studying the field of social entrepreneurship utilizing the Center’s four main principles: reflect, connect, analyze and engage. The experience has challenged me and my classmates to define our own values in the context of the change we wish to see in the world, and to think about ways that we can enact that change.

At lunch today, a classmate and I were discussing how this course has led us to make deliberate choices in the type of education we choose to pursue here at Middlebury. “This course has been a good ‘reset’ for me, ” he said. “Everyone should have this opportunity!”

This year’s annual symposium on social entrepreneurship is your opportunity, Middlebury. I challenge you to attend the symposium’s events not as a passive listener, but with the intent to continue to process the ideas you’ve heard after you leave the Social Space or an Axinn classroom. How will you reflect, connect, analyze and engage?

I’ll be living these four principles by covering the symposium over the next few days. I hope that this will be a resource if you’ve missed an event, or if you’re looking for some notes to continue your own processing after an event you’ve attended. I look forward to the journey.


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