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Mood Board Workshop

Last Friday, Heather Neuwirth, Evan Deutsch, and interns Moria Sloan’15, Joanie Thompson ’14, and Hannah Quinn ’16 attended a MiddCOREplus workshop led by EJ Bartlett and Lisa Condino. MiddCOREplus is a summer-long program that combines project-based internships with weekly skill-building workshops. The focus of this week’s workshop was centered around designing individual “mood boards” for everyone’s respective organizations.

The morning started off with an interactive exercise, which involved assigning positive and negative adjectives to colors. As the adjectives were read aloud, it was clear that certain colors evoked the same emotions for everyone. With colors like red, people were able to answer quickly and easily, whereas colors like purple took a bit more thought. It was interesting to see how everyone inherently knew the positive and negative meanings behind each color.

“It was a phenomenal morning. EJ and Lisa helped open my eyes to a knew way of thinking about design, color, and font, and we had a lot of fun doing it.” Moria Sloan ‘15

After looking at examples and discussing the intricacies of color meaning and typography, it was time to take a stab at creating mood boards of our own. Everyone was given a black poster board and the creative freedom to take the project in their own direction.

After an hour of brainstorming, cutting, pasting, and rearranging, the MiddCOREplus students had a chance to present their work. Before the presenter talked about his or her thought process, everyone else had a chance to throw out words that they associated with the mood board so that the presenter could determine if their board accomplished the desired effect. There were a variety of artistic styles, but everyone did a fantastic job of conveying the appropriate mood of their organization.

The mood boards created during this workshop will assist the MiddCOREplus students in their final presentation this Friday, July 26th.




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