Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

CSE students return!

CSE staff is delighted to welcome back returning students and meet the incoming first years. It has been a wonderful summer, but we are ready for fall semester programs to start again!


Prestige is back and brought us a sample Platform for Hope. Stop by 118 to check it out!


Krisztina and Fernando stopped by for a quick chat. After summer internship experiences in (respectively) Peru and Brazil, these two fellows had a lot to share with CSE staff. Fernando is already settling into his fall semester in Lebanon. We can’t wait to welcome the rest of our students back in the next week!

We started our weekly newsletters, so be sure to sign up for  updates if you aren’t already receiving them (email edeutsch@middlebury.edu to sign up). Also, stay tuned on this blog for official reports, pictures, and presentations on the summer work of our fellows and grant recipients.

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