Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

Jiya Pandya ’17

Social Entrepreneurship Associate

Jiya’s roots are in Mumbai, India, and she graduated in May 2017 from Middlebury College with a degree in History and Political Science. She joins the Innovation Hub team with experience in qualitative and archival research, mentorship, facilitation, anti-violence advocacy, and program and curriculum development. Jiya organized her academic work in college around explorations of local oral history, social, racial, and gender-based justice, and studies of South Asia and Latin America. She spent her time outside the classroom being a MiddSAFE advocate, serving on the leadership boards of TEDx and JusTalks, editing for various campus publications, and working closely with faculty and administrators to implement inclusive material and curricular change. She is excited to explore the connections between theories of social change and its practices, and to bridge the divides between institutions and the lived experiences of those operating within them through various channels of social innovation. Jiya currently serves as the CCISE’s Social Entrepreneurship Associate.


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