Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

Alan Hassenfeld (ex officio)


Alan Hassenfeld is a business leader with a passion for philanthropy.  He is the former Chairman of the Board and present Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hasbro, Inc. a multi-billion dollar international toy company.  Under his leadership, Hasbro has become a worldwide leader in children’s and family entertainment.  Hasbro’s brands and products are some of the most recognizable and respected throughout the world including Mr. Potato Head, Transformers, Play-Doh and Lincoln Logs.

The impact of Alan’s philanthropy has crossed local, regional, national and international borders. His enthusiasm and spirit has touched the lives of millions of people and impacted communities across the world.  Whether he is fighting for the human rights of manufacturing workers in Asia or advising Middlebury on the creation of a Center for Social Entrepreneurship, his wisdom and boundless energy and enthusiasm for tackling tough problems results in positive outcomes.

Alan believes in active leadership.  Through his charitable work and foundation participation, he remains involved in hundreds of community, social and political causes primarily in the area of children’s issues, social responsibility, and political reform.  His goal is to focus on what can be done better and what needs to be developed in order to establish foundations for future success.  Throughout his career Alan has focused on issues and concerns throughout the world.  He has used his position as Chairman of the Board at Hasbro to break barriers and build foundations, positively affecting the lives of people around the world.

Alan has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has numerous honorary degrees from prestigious universities around the world, and has been elected to four Halls of Fame. He lives in Rhode Island with his wife of 24 years.

The Center for Social Entrepreneurship was established with gratitude for the generosity of Alan Hassenfeld and the Hassenfeld Family Foundation.

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