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Welcome to our first meeting November 1-2, 2012. Below please find

Articles At Middlebury:

Jon Isham on Social Entrepreneurship in the Liberal Arts.

The MCSE’s facebook page.

Videos at Middlebury:

Jon Isham on the MCSE’s role in supporting the overlap between Social Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts as they both encourage students to seek a life of meaning. In this second video, Jon speaks about the trend towards Social Entrepreneurship in higher education. Jon Isham on a tension in the liberal arts: engaging ideas vs. engaging the world.

A Middlebury Magazine video on our Summer Grant Presentations.

The introductory video from our recent Homecoming Alumni Panel on Sport for Development and Peace.

Our Fall 2012 Friday Lecture Series can be found online.


Should every Middlebury student aspire to be a social entrepreneur?

David Brooks on Sam Spade at Starbucks

Roger L. Martin & Sally Osberg, on the need of defining social entrepreneurship more sharply, to make sure its success is not compromised by unfulfilled performance. Broadness and inclusiveness are good, but counterproductive.

Read a recent Forbes article, “The Rise of Social Innovation Education Good for Everyone.”

Arianna Huffington talks about the book “Everyday Heroes,” in which Katrina Fried explains how through “innovation, passion, and empathy,” “a growing movement of people and organizations [are] taking the initiative to engage, connect, solve problems, share, and change their communities and the world.”

Rich Tafel, on the importance of using systemic thinking to address the causes of the problems and not the syptoms. Where can social entrepreneurs have the biggest impact?

Echoing Green’s Lara Galinsky, on why ‘not everyone should be a social entrepreneur,’ but why every young person should start their professional lives by asking questions.

Carl Schramm, on the importance of not undermining the social component of entrepreneurship – it also helps society!

Home page of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.


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