Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

Preserving Pilsen


Gabriela Fuentes ’16

Chicago, IL

See Gaby’s CSE Grant Report 2013

Project Overview:

This project strives to address the issues of violence, high school dropout rate, and gentrification in Pilsen, Chicago, by providing a creative outlet for teenage girls to explore their identity. Through dance, writing, and discussion, 20 girls were given a chance to investigate their identity, culture, and legacy. In doing so, the project aimed to decrease academic delinquency, gang involvement, violence and other risky behavior such as substance abuse and teenage pregnancy, while fostering positive identity development through community and academic involvement. Gaby partnered with Dance Professor, Christal Brown and use Project:BECOMING as the basis for Preserving Pilsen.

The $3,000 grant from the MCSE was put toward program supplies, stipends for five community facilitators, training materials, and advertising. The program ended with a performance with which to share the girls’ experiences with the rest of the community.

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