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Sewing and Screen Printing Skill Development Program


Rabeya Jawaid ’16

Karachi, Pakistan

See Rabeya’s CSE Grant Report 2013

Project Overview:

Based on her experience volunteering at the Deaf Research Center in Karachi Pakistan, Rabeya was inspired to create a project that provides vocational training to underprivileged, deaf women in hopes of teaching them skills to obtain jobs and overcome poverty. Her project  trained 20 young deaf women with the skills of Sewing and Screen Printing, and provided classes that taught sign language and entrepreneurial skills. Each of these aspects of the project sought to impart self-sufficiency and lack of reliance on external service providers. Additionally, the program created awareness in the community, encouraging a greater understanding of the needs of the Deaf, and a greater acceptance and recognition of their abilities and potential for contribution.

The $3,000 awarded to the project went to infrastructure and training for the Stitching and Screen Printing Workshops. Rabeya saw several students in the program gain the necessary skills to teach other deaf members of the community, furthering the positive impact of this project on the lives of the deaf in Karachi.

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