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Twese for Peace

Armel and Betty

Armel Nibasumba ’16 and Betty Kobia ’16


Please see Twese for Peace CSE Grant Report 2013

Project Overview:

In August 2013, the Twese for Peace project recruited 30 high school and university students in Bujumbura, Burundi, to participate in a week long peace-building camp. The goal of the project was to promote harmonious living in a post-war nation by facilitating communication and peace-building skills among the people of Bujumbura. Additionally, the Twese for Peace camp sought to instill entrepreneurial skills among the youth through challenging ideas and proposals such as micro financing, need-finding, prototyping and record- keeping.

The $3,000 grant allowed Armel and Betty to travel to Burundi and pay for the costs of establishing the camp, which included rent for the venue and workshop materials. Armel and Betty hope to make this an annual event by training the previous participants to become facilitators for the Twese for Peace Camp in the future.  When a strong facilitators system is established with the students in Burundi, they hope to expand the program to Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


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