Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

Involving Women for Community Solutions (IWCS)

   Naina Qayyum ’15

aChitral, Pakistan

bSee Naina’s CSE Grant Report 2014





Project Overview:

The project, Involving Women for Community Solutions (IWCS) will take place in Naina’s native region of Chitral, Pakistan. It aims to give an engaging environment to the female youth of Chitral, who are often marginalized in community decision making processes. This project is motivated by the fact that for realistic development to occur in an area, it is crucial to include society’s female members’ perspective. In partnership with a local organization, this project aims to create a shift in the mindset of the participants in how they view local problems. It will give an opportunity to 20 young female Chitrali women to learn about Human Centered Design (created by IDEO.org) to identify potential challenges in their community that they deem important and design potential solutions through group work and collaboration. Alongside, the participants will also get a chance to interact with local entrepreneurs for inspirations and meet local health specialists to talk about the rising incidences of female depression and suicides. The project aims to boost the confidence level of the participants in their abilities to be productive members of society.

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