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Aman Children’s Home

Biructait Seyoum ’13 and Evelyn Rotich ’13

Biructait and Evelyn, women who have been working together for the past two years, maintain a shared vision and goal of caring for and empowering street children in their native cities—Dessie, Ethiopia and Eldoret, Kenya.  They have created the Aman Children’s Home and Development Program, which has thus far provided eight children (seven girls and one boy, ages seven to twelve) with a home, food, clothing and school supplies.  Their program does more than just provide shelter and resources, though—it prioritizes education and skill-building opportunities to foster individual growth.  In addition to placing these children in schools, Biructait and Evelyn have hired one individual for house-help, two guardians, five volunteers and a social worker from the government office to monitor the program.  Biructait and Evelyn aim to remove homeless children from the streets one child at a time.  Within three to five years, they hope the program will be self-sustainable and thrive on fully owned income-generating microfinance initiatives.

Their $3,000 grant from the MCSE is being put towards funding the construction of a three-bedroom house.  This house, which will cost $11,600 in total, will provide this program with a permanent structure and piece of land for the children.  Moving forward, Biructait and Evelyn will continue to promote better lifestyles for children and to further positive community relationships.


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