Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

Composting at Vergennes Union High School

Sam  Koplinka-Loehr ’13 and Eleni Polychroniadou ’14

Composting at VUHS Final Report

Project Overview:

Throughout the course of the Spring 2012 semester, Sam and Eleni have worked closely with the Vergennes Union High School to develop a comprehensive composting program that will process five tons of food waste annually. This summer, they are constructing and implementing this unique and innovative composting system—a system they believe could eventually be scaled-up and applied to other schools locally, nationally and internationally. This system will reduce the waste output of the school and will function as an environmental education tool for VUHS high school students and community members; it will advance knowledge about effective and efficient medium-sized compositing systems.

Their $3,000 grant is helping to fund the development, creation and implementation of a unique compost system design that is easy and enjoyable for VUHS students to operate. After caring for and using the finished compost in their garden, students will benefit from the educational opportunities afforded by this system.

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