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June Forum

June Forum offers colleagues from across the U.S. and beyond the chance to share ideas on building the best opportunities for students who want to make a difference in the world. (See highlights from our previous June Forums).


June_Forum_Program 2019: June 10-12

The 2019 theme for June Forum was The Art of Connecting across Social Impact Experiences.” Social impact educators and practitioners will learn ways to identify educational communities, reflect upon learning moments, and connect diverse experiences to identify steps for meaningful engagement. Forum participants will be exposed to ways that various institutions connect across learning experiences in academia. 

In 2019 Middlebury College also co-hosted the 2019 Ashoka U Change Leader Retreat and Writers Retreat, which happened concurrently with June Forum. This provided unique opportunities for participants to connect with even broader networks of leaders in the field of social innovation and impact education.


Bill McKibben: Recipient of our 2019 Vision Award 

Each year, Middlebury College and the Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship honor the contributions of leaders who share a commitment to the ideals embedded in the center’s mission of preparing individuals to lead a life of social change through the distribution of the Vision Award, designed to recognize leadership and vision in the world of social entrepreneurship. For past recipients, please see here.


  • We want to make the world a better place through social innovation.
  • We are educators and practitioners.
  • We have worked abroad and in our local communities.
  • How do we equip students to explore and find their place in social innovation?
  • What skills, knowledge, and tools do students need as agents of social change? 
  • How do we teach them?      
  • Should we encourage risk-taking and nurture resilience?


Some of the workshop topics we usually include:

Transcending borders                       Intercultural Communication

                          Community-based learning              

                                           A teaching toolkit for Social Entrepreneurship 

Social Innovation and International Development

                                                           Storytelling and Social Change

Bread Loaf Mountain Campus

Travel Information

Bread Loaf campus is in the small town of Ripton in the heart of Central Vermont. Bread Loaf is a four-hour drive from Boston, five hours from NYC. If you plan to fly, it is ~one hour from Burlington, VT (the closest airport) and two hours from Albany, NY (the next closest). We recommend allowing  at least 2- 2.5 hours of time between landing in Burlington and the start time of the retreat on Monday, June 10. Public ground transportation is limited between Breadloaf and airports, so renting a car is a convenient option for those wishing for flexible ground transit. Arranging a rideshare through Middlebury Transit is a good economical option for those that wish to carpool. More information will also be provided in registration confirmation and future correspondence with participants.


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