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Pascale Charlot

Pascale Charlot, Dean, Change Leader, Miami Dade College


Pascale is a Haitian-American from Brooklyn who embodies the immigrant sense of optimism, curiosity, and tenacity that fuels her passion for possibility.Inspired by a world where people meaningfully participate through their “calling” rather than a “job”, she is drawn to the intersection between democracy, social mobility, and empowerment for all young people with a special interest in underserved populations. It is no surprise that she is thrilled to serve as the Change Leader at Miami Dade College where opportunity changes everything. Most recently, she has also become an avid runner completing her first half marathon this past January. (Even though it is June she is also still recovering…)

Pascale holds a J.D. from the University of Michigan School of Law and B.A. in Economics/Sociology from Duke. She is licensed to practice in New York.

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