Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury


MCSE Grants

We provide multiple grants of $3,000 for social innovation projects that are going to be implemented over the summer.



MiddSTART is Middlebury’s own crowdsourced funding platform. It’s a fantastic way for anyone, including alumni, to support current students in their  endeavors. It’s often used for MAlt trips, but it’d be a great place to get funding for a variety of projects.

Davis Projects for Peace

Middlebury is pleased to be a participating member of Davis Projects for Peace, a program that honors Kathryn Wasserman Davis, a philanthropist who is interested in finding new ways to advance world peace. Mrs. Davis chose to celebrate her centennial birthday four years ago by committing $1 million dollars to fund “100 Projects for Peace.” Undergraduate students at more than 90 college campuses across the United States, including Middlebury students, are eligible to design and submit proposals that address the goal of improving the prospects for peace in the 21st century. The top submissions from the participating campuses, including at least one from Middlebury, will receive funding of $10,000 from Mrs. Davis with which to initiate projects anywhere in the world during the summer of that year.

An additional project is funded each year by President Ron Liebowitz. He chooses to put resources from the presidential discretionary fund towards a second project because he believes that “the values that this project represent touches on what are among the most important ones a liberal arts education can impart to its students—clear analytical thinking, excellent communications, self-confidence, creativity and initiative.”

To be considered, a student (or group of students) must prepare a written statement which describes the project (who, what, where, how) including expected outcomes and prospects for future impact (not to exceed two pages) as well as a budget (one separate page).  All written project proposals require a heading to include the following: name of the participating institution, name of all student participants, title of project, country where the project will be performed.  Proposals should include pre-approval of all involved parties and organizations involved in the project.  The two-page proposal and one-page budget should be submitted electronically by January 18, 2013 to Liz Robinson at robinson@middlebury.edu.


EIA Mini-Grants

This mini-grant program is for student initiatives involving community action: EIA helps students fund independent activities and/or projects that are not otherwise fully funded by another department or student organization. Applications should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the proposed activity or project. On the website, click the link to “Civic Engagement Funding – EIA” to download the mini-grant application forms.


Service Cluster Board Flex Fund

Looking to fund a dinner for the homeless shelter? Want to take a service trip over winter break? The Service Cluster Board can provide funding to an array of project types, especially those that are community oriented. Applications can be found online and must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. On the website, click the link to “Service Cluster Board Flex Fund” to download the mini-grant application forms.


Environmental Council Grants

The Environmental Council is now requesting a third round of grant proposals for projects to be implemented in the summer of 2013. Grants range from $25 to $2500 and fund projects that reflect and inspire environmental leadership and spread sustainability initiatives on and off campus. We have found that the most successful projects are collaborate and creative — bringing together groups and individuals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds and providing a new solution to a difficult problem. From more information, contact sustainability_integration@middlebury.edu



Have an idea for a project or business? Is there problem you want to solve or an artistic piece you wish to create? Middchallenge accepts proposals in which you explain the inspiration and/or viability of your idea or business.


Tree House Fund

Up to $2,200 total will be awarded every fall for one or several creative student projects that benefit Middlebury students, the environment, or the community. These awards are intended to fund projects that would not qualify for other existing sources of funding.


Commons’ Offices

Your commons’ office might be the next best place to get some financial support. They love to support students, especially for event that promote social endeavors on campus. Ask your Commons Council. RA or CRA if your project could be funded!


Student Orgs

If you have a great idea for a project that you feel is related to student organization on campus, such as MMC or GlobeMed, these groups can often budget for side projects that passionate students need funding to complete.


Old Stone Mill

The OSM Advisory board funds small, micro-philanthropic endeavors for creative projects that are implemented by OSM tenants.


Dell Social Innovation Challenge

The Dell Social Innovation Challenge deadline is January 28, 2013. Last year, several Middlebury students applied for opportunities through Dell. Bumu made it as a semi-finalist and top 40 project, while Emily Nuñez participated in the Dell Social Innovation Lab experience. Learn more about Emily’s experience as she took Sword and Plough through the Dell Social Innovation Lab.


Funding Database

Lastly, the Student Funding Database is an extensive listing of funding sources—internal (Middlebury) and external—that has been compiled for Middlebury students and young alumni to search. If you are seeking ways to fund your internship, research, independent project, or other projects, this is a great place to start.

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