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2013 Homecoming Showcase

2013 Homecoming Weekend Young Alumni Showcase:

Creating Impact Through Design

On Saturday, October 26, we welcomed back fourteen young entrepreneurial and creative alumni to sit on the Young Alumni Showcase Panel. This year’s theme was Creating Impact Through Design, and the panelists were invited to share the lessons they have learned, the ventures they have undertaken, and the ideas they have been exposed to since leaving Middlebury. They pitched their ideas, challenged students to share their own, and offered their advice on pursuing an impactful and creative career path.

The panelists and participants culminated the session by collectively coming up with a list of ways in which we can be successful in our creative work. Here are the 10 things we came up with.  What would you add to the list?

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How to Work Creatively:

1. Practice!

2. Don’t Design in a Box

3. Think About the Problem First

4. Find People Whose Skills Compliment Your Own

5. Hang Out With Little People More. Children are inspiring.

6. Focus on the process, not the product

7. Innovate Within Constraints. Challenge yourself.

8. Invite Criticism & Constructive Feedback

9. Listen and Ask Questions

10. Know Your Weaknesses and Know What You Need From People Around You

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The panelists included:, Ryan Kellet ’09.5, Maggie Smith ’09.5, Pier LaFarge ’10  , Ben Silton ’11,  Annie Maleka ’11.5, Doug DeBold ’12, Shane Scranto ’12, Brian Sirkia ’12.5, , Esme Lutz ’12, , Kara Shurmantine ’12, and Austin Ritter ’12.5, Hannah Judge ’12.5, Anna Clements ’12.5, Peter DiPrinzio ’13, Corinne Prevot ’13

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