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Connected Middlebury Programs

The CSE is part of a vibrant Middlebury ecosystem. As a Middlebury student, alum or friend, you have a wide range of choices for learning how to engage.


Programs on Creativity and Innovation in the Liberal Arts

One of the goals of a Middlebury education is to encourage students to think independently and creatively. The Programs on Creativity and Innovation in the Liberal Arts (PCI) was launched in 2007 to foster creativity and innovation by helping students to pursue challenging independent projects of their own design. The ability to take intellectual risks, to think creatively, and to create new knowledge and thought are all necessary for leaders to meet 21st-century challenges. PCI aims to make intellectual risk-taking and creative problem solving second nature to students. The range of student interests and projects is extraordinary—artistic work like the “Brain in Lights” that married science and art; creation of Brighter Planet, which has become the largest “green” credit card program in the country; a micro-hydroelectricity project that brought electricity to a village in Nepal for the first time; and the creation of a garden in the Bronx in partnership with elementary school students. Over the past five years, more than 800 students have taken advantage of the opportunities available to them through the dozen  programs offered.



MiddCORE is a mentor-driven experiential learning program that builds skills, creates opportunities, and expands networks for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. It empowers them to pursue their passions and prepares them for success in their lives post academia. The program engages College alumni, parents and friends to collaborate with students and to create an experiential learning environment. The MiddCORE curriculum includes a social entrepreneurship component, in which students are challenged to engage the topic and its challenges for a week during winter term. Likewise, the synchronous timing of the winter term MiddCORE course at Middlebury and the CSE annual symposium allow MiddCORE students to be introduced to the larger world of social enterprise.


Center for Careers and Internships

The mission of the CCI is to empower students to apply their liberal arts education and engage the world through their professional pursuits, active citizenship, and life’s work. The advisors and resources at CCI help students connect to and prepare for opportunities in civic engagement, careers, health professions, fellowships, and internships, both traditional and self-designed. The CCI also provides funding for student-driven projects and guidance with the graduate school process. The partnership between the CSE and the CCI is a natural one, as both groups encourage students to apply their education and make a difference in the world. The combination of resources and support between the CSE and CCI enables the Middlebury College community to make a larger social impact in the world.


Davis Projects for Peace

Davis Projects for Peace honor Kathryn Wasserman Davis, a philanthropist who on her 100th birthday in 2007 committed $1 million to support the advancement of world peace. Now in its 6th year, the Davis Projects for Peace program continues to support undergraduate student projects that address the goal of improving the prospects for peace in the 21st-century. Over 90 undergraduate colleges around the country participate in the Davis Projects for Peace. The top 100 projects receive $10,000 to see their project to fruition. The CSE supports the work and projects of the Davis Projects for Peace (also a program of the PCI) as both entities strive for the same goal: encouraging students to apply their education to help solve global problems, and become change agents in the process.



MiddSTART helps students connect to the funding they need to explore their interests through creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative projects and it enables alumni and friends of the College to support a project that appeals to them. The MiddStart projects are entirely initiated, designed, and carried out by students. MiddSTART creates closer and more productive relationships between students and the people supporting their projects—to make them partners in enterprises of mutual interest. MiddSTART is a valuable channel of additional project funding for students that are also supported by the center.


Middlebury International

Middlebury International encompasses the Middlebury community that extends beyond the central campus in Vermont. Under Middlebury International is the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs; academic programs in International and Global Studies and International Politics and Economics; Language Schools that immerse students in one of ten different languages; study abroad opportunities at one of the Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad that exist in 37 cities in 16 different countries; and the College’s affiliation with the Monterey Institute of International Studies, among other opportunities and resources. The CSE fits into the larger context of Middlebury International because our students are making connections to the global community through their innovations and projects. The fellowship program through the CSE will allow fellows to connect globally with social enterprises and the study abroad opportunities will provide third-year students with internships, academic courses and on-site experience with social entrepreneurs throughout the world.


Monterey Institute of International Studies

Monterey Institute of International Studies is a graduate school of Middlebury College. MIIS offers a variety of programs that support social entrepreneurs:
Participants of Monterey’s Development Management Project Institute complete three weeks of international develop project management training in Monterey or Washington, DC. The training focuses on project planning, facilitation and stakeholder engagement, and social entrepreneurship and strategic partnering. Participants may then opt into the practicum component of this program by traveling abroad for three to nine months of fieldwork with a development organization. The training is open to current graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, practitioners, and career-changers. The field program is only open to Monterey Institute graduate students. Training participants have gone on to serve organizations like Ashoka and Root Change as well as social enterprises like Acholi Beads in Uganda and Sekaf Ghana Ltd. and Frontier Market Scouts Training and Field Programs. This program is a partnership with Village Capital and Sanghata Global, along with a number of social impact investment firms. Through the program, participants help entrepreneurs, investors, and social enterprises generate high-quality deal flows for social impact investment. The training and field programs are open to current graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, practitioners, and career-changers.
The MBA at Middlebury’s Monterey Institute of International Studies is consistently rank in the top 100 by the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes (# 33 in 2011). Aspen celebrates coursework, research and activities that prepare MBAs for social, ethical and environmental stewardship. MBA candidates may opt to focus on entrepreneurship and take courses related to sustainability and social entrepreneurship. In addition, some students elect to complete a dual MBA-MAIEP (Master of Arts in International Environmental Policy) degree and pursue careers in sustainability, conservation, and green business. MBA at the Monterey Institute: Entrepreneurship Focus  The Monterey Institute Chapter of NetImpact is the national winner of the 2012 xpedx Campus Greening Challenge. The challenge asked students to develop and implement a plan for lowering the environmental impact of their campuses and to educate and engage on-campus facilities managers and fellow students.

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