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Fernando Sandoval Jimenez ’15

FernandoFernando Sandoval Jimenez
Environmental Studies and Geography

Fernando was born and raised in central rural Mexico, and attended the United World College in New Mexico. Before coming to Middlebury he took a year off to volunteer and travel in the Middle East and North Africa. He is an Environmental Studies and Geography joint major and Arabic minor. He approaches his academics as an opportunity to expand the perspectives through which he can analyze social issues and fight for social change. Through the CSE he helped to organize “Integrando a Mexico 2012,” a summer camp on youth empowerment and social entrepreneurship, and he is currently a CSE Projects Intern.

Fernando spent last summer in São Paulo, interning at Endeavor Brazil. His worked focused on starting a program to measure the impact that social entrepreneurs in the Visão de Sucesso project have on their communities.  After the summer he spent the fall semester in Beirut, Lebanon, as a fulltime intern at Souk el Tayeb, a social enterprise  and development NGO directed by Ashoka Fellow Kamal Mouzawak. This coming summer Fernando is looking forward to going back to Mexico and map the social problems facing his hometown, as well as to identify and connect individuals working to solve them. He is also planning to intern for a social entrepreneur in Mexico City and wants to use this as an opportunity to reconnect with his country and to strengthen his relationships with future partners in change-making.

See Fernando’s CSE Fellowship 2014 Report

See Fernando’s CSE Fellowship 2014 Report



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