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Mika Tan ’15


Mika Tan
Environmental Studies

Mika is an Environmental Studies (Conservation Biology) major who came from Singapore to further her passion for biodiversity conservation. She served as a co-leader for Middlebury Alternative Break trip 2013 to Cherokee Nation, a board member of the International Student Organization, and a member of the College’s Environmental Council and Birding Club. Having explored various methods to achieve her life goal of biodiversity conservation – through scientific research to understand the natural world, engaging in United Nations sustainable development policy negotiations, and empowering youth as activists in Singapore, Mika seeks to find the nexus between different models of changemaking that can best lead to nature conservation. As a CSE Fellow, she hopes to marry social capital with biodiversity conservation to find a sustainable solution that can benefit both the earth and the people that inhabit it in a fair, equitable manner.

She spent her first summer in rural Ghana on the ThinkImpact Institute, immersing in the culture of the Ashanti people, working with the community to brainstorm, innovate, and prototype a solution to a problem they face, and finally, hoping to ensure sustainable implementation in the community in the long-term, well after the program ends.

 Please see Mika’s CSE Fellowship Report 2013

After learning about other parts of the world for the past 3 years in Middlebury College, Mika wishes to better understand her home region and reconnect with the inspiring people she used to work with. Since leaving for college, Singapore’s social entrepreneurship scene has exploded- spurred by the establishment of the HUB Singapore (hyperlink: http://singapore.impacthub.net/), the first co-working space in Asia for nurturing a community of changemakers. Through interning with the HUB this summer, Mika wants to map the social entrepreneurship landscape in Singapore and Southeast Asia, identify key challenges and opportunities unique to the region, and reconnect with her roots.


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