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Rana Abdelhamid ’15


Rana Abdelhamid
Queens, New York
International Politics and Economics

Rana is a senior International Politics and Economics major.  In 2012, she approached the CSE in order to learn more about how she could further develop a project for female empowerment she developed in her community in Queens, NY. Her project, Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE) started as an initiative that uses self-defense and dialogue to empower young Muslim women. Since its development four years ago, Abdelhamid has taught self-defense in New York, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. This summer she traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to engage in an NGO leadership program. WISE in NYC continued under the leadership of a past youth participant. After attending the Clinton Global Initiative University conference this year and through her work with CSE, Rana will develop a self-defense and social entrepreneurship workshop model for female leaders in the Arab world.

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