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Rabeya Jawaid ’16

rabeyaRabeya Jawaid ‘16
Karachi, Pakistan
International Studies (Economics)

Rabeya has lived in 5 different countries, and speaks 4 languages. She is an International Studies major with a focus on Economics. She founded a vocational training program for deaf, underprivileged women in 2013 to provide financial independence by raising money through MiddStart and receiving substantial funding from the Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Since then she has been working on how to expand the program and form partnerships with other initiatives in other countries around the world. In the past, she has interned at CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, Aman Foundation and UWC International. She has attended the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference for the past three years and has partnered up with fellow attendees to organize upcoming projects.

With her understanding of Global affairs and Economics, Rabeya hopes to use her skills and energy to work in the field of International Economic Development and promote Social Entrepreneurship around the world. Recently, she was invited to the launch of the Social Impact Center at Monterey where she spoke about her experience with Social Entrepreneurship along with other Millennial Social Entrepreneurs. Her interests include financial independence, journalism, public policy, gender equality and traveling.

In November 2013, Rabeya was selected as one of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship’s Fellows for the years 2014 – 2016.

During the summer of 2015, Rabeya attended the Tuck Bridge Business Program at Dartmouth and interned with Middlebury College Alumni House.

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