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Grecia De La O Abarca ’17

Grecia De La OGrecia Paola De La O Abarca ’17

Grecia De La O Abarca is a sophomore student at Middlebury College. She was born and raised in southern Mexico where she spent most of her life until 2011 when she was awarded with a full scholarship to attend the United Word College USA. She represented Mexico in a 2 years international school that belongs to the UWC movement which aims peace and a sustainable future. She has been involved in several community service programs such as tutoring, intercultural exchange shows, organic coffee production and HIV/AIDS awareness. Passionate about social entrepreneurship, Grecia has participated as a facilitator in ¡Integrando a México!; summer program that encourages Mexican youth to use social entrepreneurship, civic engagement and national integration as a way of improving life conditions in Mexico.

After spending her first semester at Middlebury College, Grecia spent one semester enrolled in the Semester at Sea program. This opportunity provided her with a broader view of the world and motivated her to declare an Economics major and Environmental Studies Minor. She thinks this is a combination that would allow her tackle issues that she believes need to be addressed.

Having a strong background on coconut farming, Grecia’s curiosity on sustainable farming practices recently took her to Atenas, Costa Rica. She worked with a small family-run coffee farm and helped the farmers to establish environmentally sustainable technologies on the plantations. She gained hands-on experience on coffee farming and witnessed its transition into organic coffee production.

During the summer of 2015, Grecia worked with the UN Global Compact in Chile as part of the Ambassador Corps program. Specifically, her mission was to design a Social Responsibility course that will be taught as part of the general educational program for students at the Chilean university Andres Bello.

See Grecia’s Summer 2015 Fellowship Report here.



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