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Maggie Nazer ’17


Maggie Nazer ’17
Psychology Education Studies

Maggie is a 21-year old Bulgarian-Palestinian and a Psychology and Education Studies Major. A firm believer in youth potential and a founder of a youth-led NGO in Bulgaria, she has travelled to more than 25 countries to give workshops and trainings on youth empowerment, peer-to-peer education and youth leadership. In her senior year, she spent 6 months teaching at a school in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria and developed youth-friendly after school programs to engage students at risk.

In May 2014 Maggie travelled to Palestine for the first time to intern at the Hebron Youth Development Resource Center where she taught English to several youth groups, worked on project development and writing, and organized a youth leadership training providing local artists with skills and knowledge to use art as a tool for advocacy and social change.

This “core-shaking experience of teaching, sharing, creating, transcending cultural differences and living war” evermore strengthened Maggie’s belief that youth empowerment is crucial for the development of communities and the realization of the self. Maggie believes that stories are important for the processes of political and societal change and sees empathy and human connection as powerful tools to healing people and even nations. Passionate about empowering youth through social entrepreneurship, policy, education, and active democratic involvement, Maggie also strives to bring awareness through her personal blog: www.mnazer.com.

During the summer of 2015, Maggie attended the Middlebury Arabic Language School in California, where she improved her language skills and also developed a better understanding of the Middle East culture, traditions, history and politics. She is currently working on developing a curriculum based on Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed to empower Bulgarian youth.

See Maggie’s Summer 2015 Fellowship Report here.

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