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Mohamed Hussein ’17

10338287_10204127371884482_2945497554242255366_nMohamed Hussein

Mohamed is a current sophomore at Middlebury College, majoring in Economics. Mohamed was born and raised along the banks of the Nile in Cairo, Egypt, until he went to high school in British Colombia, Canada. Living in an incredibly diverse and intellectually-stimulating community surrounded by the breath-taking mountains in BC has taught him a new appreciation of nature that was complemented by his school’s rigorous didactic efforts to shows its students the importance of environmentalism. Sensing the existence of a gap between the new ideals that he embraced in North America and the reality of his home country, Egypt, Mohamed has developed an interest to explore relevant, immediate, and executable approaches to sustainability that can be adapted and applied in Egypt. Moreover, Mohamed is interested in empirically investigating ways to incite people to contribute to public goods and potentially implementing them in his home community.

Since coming to Middlebury, he has been involved with Arabesque, Student Government Association, and the Residential Life team. More recently, he has been volunteering as an Arabic teacher in the local community. Mohamed is also currently contributing to a project in Egypt that aims at strengthening ties between different NGOs in a way that allows for more meaningful collaboration, as well as another project that aims at bridging the gap between volunteers and NGOs looking for motivated young individuals.

Mohamed spent his 2015 summer between three major programs: DPMI, a DC program centered around international development skills; Ambassador Corps, a program that sent him to Cuba to investigate social entrepreneurship on the island; and MiddCORE, a collaboration and innovation program on Lake Tahoe.

See Mohamed’s Summer 2015 Report here.

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