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Miguel Alejandro Castillo ‘17.5

Miguel Alejandro Castillo 17.5’


Caracas, Venezuela
Dance and Theater joint major

Miguel was born and raised in Caracas, a city embraced by the mountains and the salty sea. At the age of 18 he moved to Victoria, Canada to be part of an alternative educational movement called United World Colleges (UWC).  At UWC he had the opportunity to live with 160 students from around 98 countries. This experience exposed him to different cultures, religious believes, ethnicities, sexual orientations and socio economical backgrounds opening his eyes to new realities.

After graduating from UWC he took a gap semester to spent time in Venezuela to try to understand the country with new lenses. While at home he lived for a month in “Waranoko 1” an indigenous community in the northeast of the country. The time at the community allowed him to have a better understanding of the lifestyle and condition in which the Warao people live. Although at the beginning he felt a little useless, he soon understood usefulness would only come by learning form the people he was surrounded by. This experience motivated him to keep questioning what is useful knowledge, what is the role of the outsider, in what the ways is urban society dictating development, what does health in rural areas looks like, and  asking many more of those questions  some of which wont have  concrete answers.

He is currently a junior feb pursuing a dance-theatre joint major. He is particularly interested in the body as a vehicle for connection and communication and its role in story telling.  He is also interested in the intersections between theatre and dance play social change. He feels inspired by the work of artists like Agusto Boal, Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba among others questers who have explored theatre as a catalyser for change.

He feels rooted in Latin-American, and hopes to go back.  He is particularly interested in the Middle-East and considers writing in third person a little awkward.

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