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Sisters, Classrooms, and How They Got There

Katie and Carrie Sparkes are sisters who love to learn and love to teach.  Katie (Middlebury 2009) teaches 5th grade writing at KIPP Academy, a charter middle school  in the South Bronx.  Carrie (Middlebury 2010) teaches 5th grade reading at Roxbury Prep, a charter middle school in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  They arrived in similar positions for similar reasons but on different paths.  Hear about where they are, why they’re there, and how Middlebury played a role along the way.

This workshop was given on January 25, 2013 as part of the second annual MCSE symposium.

Sparkes AdventureKatie Sparkes ’09

Katie teaches 5th grade writing at KIPP Academy Charter Middle School in the South Bronx.  She graduated from Middlebury in 2009, moved to the big city, and quickly decided that she would live as close as possible to Central Park for the length of her stay in New York. Katie fulfilled her two years of Teach for America at KIPP and simultaneously completed her Master of Education in Middle Childhood Education at TeacherU, a program through Hunter College (now the independent Relay Graduate School of Education). Katie still teaches at KIPP Academy, and she constantly feels grateful to be part of a challenging, caring community of teaching, learning, and trying very hard to do right by kids.

Carrie Sparkes ’10

Carrie graduated from Middlebury College in 2010 with a joint degree in Psychology and Sociology, a minor in Elementary Education, and a desire to put 21 years of schooling to work. She spent her first year after college student teaching to receive a certification in Elementary Education and traveling to Nicaragua to volunteer for a non-profit organization, Lacrosse the Nations. This organization, founded by a Middlebury graduate, uses lacrosse as the vehicle to teach a life skills curriculum and inspire kids in underserved communities to take pride in themselves and their education.

Currently, Carrie is in her second year at Roxbury Prep Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts. She enjoys the daily struggles, challenges and successes in her new role as a 5th grade reading teacher. She also works part time for Lacrosse the Nations in the summer leading trips for interested volunteers to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Carrie feels incredibly fortunate to be passionate, invested and inspired by her jobs.

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