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Creating a Roadmap


Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: Creating a Roadmap
Katharine Wolf ’02Starting Social Enterprises


You may ask: Should I start my social enterprise now while I am in school? Or should I build up my skills in the corporate world or some linear industry, so I can be more effective towards my goals down the line? Katharine Wolf explored some of these questions, and shared her own story of how she got into this field, as just one example of social entrepreneurship. She shared the practical considerations involved with starting a social enterprise, and provided a flavor of a day in the life of a social entrepreneur. From organ transplant flights to microfinance in Vietnam, lets get practical about what it means to be a social entrepreneur. Includes some practical tips for navigating the social enterprise landscape.


The Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship hosted, Katharine Wolf ’02, as the second speaker in the weekly speaker series on September 21, 2012.

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