Center for Social Entrepreneurship

at Middlebury

Center for Social Impact Learning

On May 12th, 2014, the Monterey Institute announced the establishment of a new Center for Social Impact Learning (CSIL), which will bring three existing programs together under a single umbrella:

  • The Institute’s Frontier Market Scouts program, which provides graduate students from MIIS and other schools, as well as mid-career international professionals, with an intensive two-week training program followed by a six-month internship designed to prepare them for careers in impact investing and social venture management;
  • The Ambassador Corps, which provides undergraduate students at Middlebury College and other schools with ten-week in-field learning experiences in development and business in underdeveloped and emerging economies; and
  • The Program on Design, Partnering, Management & Innovation (DPMI) is a professional certificate training for current and aspiring international development and social change practitioners.


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